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Proclamation: Dr. David E Junca Day

Dr. David E. Junca was recognized by the mayor of Orlando Jerry L. Demings for his pretentious services in the dental field. We are very happy to celebrate him today.

Dr. Junca is a renowned doctor of dentistry who graduated from the University of Panama in 1984 with a doctoral degree in dental science, post-graduated from the University of Florida in 1994, and received a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida in 1995.

He earned a fellowship award and a mastership award from the academy of general dentistry. He specialized in implant dentistry and gained all training, education, and credentials from the American dental implant association and the International Congress of Oral Implantlogists.

He started practicing dentistry in 1984. Junca dental, a local dental practice office was established in 1989. And now it works at two different locations in central Florida. He had been a great addition to dentistry and providing his valuable services for the past 32 years.

We are so proud of him that he provides free services for immigrants and migrant workers that may require emergency treatment. He also volunteers for the coalition for the homeless of central Florida. Since being such a valuable addition to the dental field, the mayor of Orlando has signed to proclaim the day of 10th December to be commemorated as Dr. David E. Junca day.

Now, in the honor of his remarkable service, it is an honor to say that we are celebrating 10th December 2021 as DR. DAVID E JUNCA DAY.

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